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Because these message boards end up in searches when people are looking for information. I've learned a lot myself form various threads in message boards.

My hope is that people can, at least, understand enough to find more complete information or figure out how to try something and what to listen/look for. In that light, some trolls are helpful when they are actually bringing up other ways of thinking or pretending not to understand - it make my replies more useful to someone who doesn't understand or is not familiar with counterpoints.

Sometimes, guitarists are a special blend of pugnacious, ignorant, and self-absorbed, though.....
The best i get here, people promoting commercial " innovation" , still in its infancy as a new god-send. Its a joke


well the soap-box experts do not do it for those reasons. Its a personal satisfaction of "being heard" (cant do it in real life so there is this virtual) even if it does mean disinformation. And THAT is what gets into the heads of youngsters, who luck tech knowledge or experience. Once they get burned financially as a result, they then blame the forum, which brings the whole idea of what this is into question.
I gave up a while ago, simply because I dont care any more. For me its not a power play, but a place to relax and share the experience. I have several businesses, so the last thing I care about is a yelling match with someone who has no knowledge or experience, yet doesn't want to learn either. Thats why I dont comment much here any more. But I did become a member of another 4 forums, much more professional environment, so I am giving it a go. Will see. People seem knowledgeable and the conversations respectful. Stuff to learn, not much agro...