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The technology is already there.

Focusrite had the Liquid Channel 15 years ago.

That was an IR based mic preamp that used level dependent IRs.
Dynamic convolution.

Why that is not used more often... Who knows.
Maybe it still needs too much processing power to be cheap for pedals or maybe because its not really necessary as guitar cabs are fairly linear regarding level.
I remember the liquid channel!
I didn’t have one but I almost got one a few times. Some people loved it, some really didn’t like it.

I think that tech is kind of what Acustica is doing with plugins. Dynamic modeling or whatever their term for it is. Which takes plenty of processing power but some folks rave about it.

I don’t know nothing here but, I tend to think that IR’s as we know them used for guitar today are probably the way they are as a way to keep cost and size down and keep troubleshooting/complexity to a minimum.

IR’s generally sound pretty good.
But I pretty much always feel it when I switch from a modeler to a tube amp.

There’s a difference in the immediacy vs just a tad of latency. And the compression in a real amp is generally feels more friendly.