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The way I interpret this is that there's no significant distortion happening in the speaker itself in normal use.
Your interpretation is correct, but I'd suggest the author should investigate things further.

I have measurements here of a high-quality 10" coaxial PA driver hitting over 10% THD, due to extreme drive levels (100V peak sine tones). At more sensible levels, the distortion is at about 1%, and at low levels, it stayed below 0.5%.
In all cases, the amplifier in use was well away from clipping, so this really is contribution from just the driver.

Again, PA drivers are designed to be linear (suspension, motor, etc) while guitar speakers are designed to have "tone" and are usually rather non-linear as a result. I wouldn't be surprised if a cranked guitar cab was running at over 10% THD.

... and yes, I'd expect that to be audible.


Edit: I have a 1x12" cab here, loaded with an Eminence Man O' War, 16ohm. Happy to run it up with a few kilowatts of Powersoft to see what's what.