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Yes, it is tough and enough to make grown men fold into themselves, fall down on the floor and have a good cry while shaking the fist at, you know .. stuff and also hardware emulations.
Taking an existing plug in and removing the EQ code and recompiling it isn't $149 worth of value! It should have been a $10 option at most for existing 1073 owners - that'll still probably return a profit on what was trivial amount of effort (GUI) on UA's behalf. The price is just piss taking. Now they've tweaked the EQ section, called it a 1084 and they want another $299! I bet all three would null using the pre-amp section alone or the 1073 and 1084 - ie it's the same code.

It'll be interesting to see if when using the EQ options in the ranges shared by both plugins whether the 1073 and 1084 null, then they do then all they've done is plastered an air option on. In fact - sod it - I'll load it up and try it...