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It depends how you define "natural overtones". The IR will be lacking the inter-modulation harmonics. Those are natural to a guitar speaker, but would not arise from an acoustic instrument if there aren't non-linear elements in play. The saddle on a hollow-body guitar may be non-linear, but I haven't researched that.

Sure, music is about sounds. If you like the sound of your IRs, use them. I haven't found any that I like much, though some are usable for certain projects. Maybe I hear some of those details a little better - I wish I didn't.

In any case, devoting the time to learn how to capture an IR is not an appealing project to me right now - I have other recording projects. If it matters that much to you, commission a study. I'll find time to learn the software if you are paying enough.

As to how much of a difference it makes - it depends. Modern digital simulations are good enough for a lot of people. Some people might even prefer them because they are a little cleaner and have most of the sonic character.


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