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Old 4th November 2002
Here for the gear

Hey Charles,

I tinkered with the Ren Vox but did not see the real world use.
Not enough control?

When I do AudioSuite processes I had always used the classic DeEss by Waves. I was led to using the Ren version because of the voice work and having to leave it inline. It offers more control over the reduction placement (width- range ala C-4, ect.)

I don’t think I would ever need to leave it inline for real music or Vox-but after spending a considerable amount of time getting used to it, I may start using it offline.

RenBass is pretty amazing. I have read all the guides and had some correspondence with Waves on its uses. Like I said, it delivers, as advertised, for multimedia installation enhancement (lame speakers, computer speakers). I was going mad trying to figure out how some voiceover houses were getting boomy voice dubs out of a G4 speaker. RenBass solved that!

[Addendum] Im not trying to mix for G4 speakers-its just to test how well the RenBass delivers on its promise of adding bass that does not exist or would not normally be reproduced in certain circumstances. Then the question becomes how does that added element color the mix in more conventional playback situations.

The Waves docs say it can be used in music to deliver low end punch for Club mixes and even mention enhancing a "well recorded" Bass signal in a mix.

I actually have had it in mixes and thought "Wow- I should use this". But I never had the courage to go with it on a final bounce. I guess I was being superstitious.

That’s why I am always curious to find out if anyone else has used it in music.