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Hmm. I've been using an old ADA MicroCab for speaker emulation, when going direct into the PA. After discovering the "magic" setting, I simply worked with the controls on it and my preamp, until I got a pleasing tone. Note that I didn't try to emulate any particular cabinet! I just played with it until I got a tone pleasing to me.

I think that's part of the issue with cabinet emulation in general. We try to get it to sound JUST LIKE our favourite cab. I don't do that; rather, I just twiddle until it sounds pleasing - a tone I can work with - and then I get on with the business of playing. It works for me. No it doesn't sound just like my Celestion cabinet. So what? I've got it sounding decent on it's own, and can use it. I guess I try to focus on what it CAN do, not what it CAN'T.

You ever try to get a Fender Twin to sound just like a Marshall? Won't happen. So you get the Twin sounding good as it can, and just use that. Same thing with an emulator, for me.