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It's been running stable here so far as well. Opened some big projects (after backing up the .logicx files, or course) and it seems snappier than 10.4.8 and as stable as 10.4.8 was. I'm on Mojave, btw. Haven't had the time to study what's new yet. However, I quite like the idea of EXS being replaced. It was a a slow process to create and map sampled instruments before. Now you drag and drop to a free inspector area and there you go. It's neat.

I don't think this is only focused towards electronic producers. Samples are everywhere in music... And I can see the point of using cells for pretty much any genre. It will at least force you to think differently and who knows what may come out of it? I know it won't suit everyone, but I'm tempted to try it on an odd track just for experimentation. And I know Live has had it for ages, I just simply couldn't get my head around it. The UI is just SO unfriendly to me...

Cheers, guys.