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Good thread here explaining why most of the speculation on the internet about mastering to lower levels to “optimize” for these streaming services isn’t really what most ME’s are doing and isn’t really a good idea. Targeting Mastering Loudness for Streaming (LUFS, Spotify, YouTube)-Why NOT to do it. You could take it further and say dont worry about RMS / LUFS in general and just use your ears but it can definitely be useful to check some reference tracks in the same genre and measure the RMS / LUFS of those to get a sense of what a reasonable target is. If your references are modern dance music I’ll bet it’s louder than -14 on LUFS or RMS
Thanks for your reply!

Little slow round here, is this sub forum very active?

I guess it makes sense to create a master that will sound best on the intended broadcast system , which for us I guess speakers?

I'll have to grab a couple of recent 'club tracks' (whatever that means..) and check levels for comparison.

I guess its crackers to pander to some streaming services aggressive normalisation processes, I guess they are going to get their grubby mitts on it regardless..