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I think it comes down to what will your guitar track(s) ultimately be used for? If it's solo guitar unaccompanied, that may be an issue. If the guitars are in a mix with other instruments and a good reverb is added along with EQ, dynamics and effects, do you notice? When I hear Pete Thorn's demos, either into his iso Cab or into IRs, it's always in a mix, and to me it sounds good.

Michael Carnes, who developed a lot of the Lexicon Reverbs we all love and then went on to found Exponential Audio, talks about how convolving reverbs that use IR's don't always work as well as mathematical models - because with math models you can add in variability for nonlinearity.

I think it would be interesting to compare today's IR's to different speaker emulators used in the 90s and 2000's when session players were all using rack gear - the Palmer, etc. and see if we're better today than those circuit based products. I personally used an ADA MicroCab II with either an ADA MP1 or a Mesa V-Twin Rack.