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Old 11th May 2020
Here for the gear

The subjective assessments in reference to what "should" be on this list are quite amusing considering many reply's are "Well I've never actually used X,Y, or Z". The mics that were selected are of the highest quality and have proven extremely reliable. These mics are very much the Go-To mics for a professional engineers who work day in and day out recording everything you could imagine. We quickly learn what works and sounds good on a wide range of applications and we learn quickly what mics don't fail when we plug them in. I understand many on this forum are part time musicians and engineers, for lack of a better expression, so real world application is somewhat theoretical to you. I do fear I sound awfully condescending by saying that, but I'm trying to give a perspective you may not have. We can all think of our favorite mics that aren't on this list, but I'd use anyone of these with great enthusiasm. I certainly agree with whomever mentioned Manley as a most worthy microphone. One of the absolute best modern day creations.

BTW, if you have not actually put the WA47 through it's paces, you really owe it to yourself to do so. It's outstanding...very outstanding regardless of price.