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My GAP 73 had poor low end with electric bass. That was fixed by replacing the output transformer with the Jensen JT-123-BMCF. The original looks like the coil gaps are spaced too far apart compared to other transformer designs.
The build and component quality of GAP stuff does seem to be very hit and miss. I must have got lucky with mine, a friend's one doesn't sound half as good - but to be fair it's not exactly the same model. They do seem to change from build to build let alone model to model. To put it into perspective how much I like my Pre73 for bass - I use it over my £1100 per-channel Thermionic Culture Rooster 2 (gearslutz sacrilege surely?) - love that box - but the GAP is still my "go-to" bass DI! Okay, okay – I’ll hand in my badge...