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Limiting on every channel? (House, Piano House, deep house etc..)

Hi guys, im no pro at mixing, but i've got a question for anybody on here who produces electronic music (House, Piano House, deep house etc..)

When mixing i've always been advised not to use a limiter on seperate channels, however sometimes ill use them to catch peaks etc and thats about it.

However ive heard lots of people use limiters on separate channels to achieve loudness, as these genres of music unfortunately are usually all about loudness.

I always thought that loudness could be achieved with mastering as long as you have a good mix with good use of eq, saturation, compression etc.

A few tracks that im referring to are tracks like these, and if its just the mastering that makes them loud, use of compression or limiting:

Then you have mine which in comparison is fairly quiet compared:

Any help or advise would be massively appreciated