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@ octatonic thank you, this is a very helpful response, also because you are listing some starting points into which I could look! If you could link your article here when finished it would be greatly appreciated.
What I dislike most of the idea of using multiple DAWs is that shortcuts work differently and it gets very annoying when your muscle memory makes mistakes all the time because of confusing what works which way in what DAW.
But here comes the big advantage of Reaper into play. Once I learn Pro Tools well and get used to it and its way of working, I can later just modify Reaper to respond to the same shortcuts as Pro Tools or implement some workflows which I might like from Pro Tools. That way, if after learning Pro Tools I want to use Reaper again for some things, I don't have to get used to it again and when switching back to Pro Tools muscle memory still works there as well and I can use the best of both worlds.