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Thanks for the answers!
@ NReichman this gave me a good insight. I think I am most interested in either composition or sounddesign but I am happy about jobs in any other role that allows me to work on sound for picture.
It sounds refreshing that it is often only needed to load your rendered audio into Pro Tools and not need to do all the processing and creative work there (even tough I don’t understand why I can’t just render stems and the other person imports them). Anyway I think when I have some spare time I will just subscribe to ProTools for a month and figure out how to do all the basic things with either the guide or tutorials so that I can apply for jobs requiring ProTools knowledge and if I am asked to do something more specific inside Pro Tools I will have a foundation to build on and quickly find out how to do it.
For the rest I will just keep using Reaper but probably learning some Pro Tools will come in handy some day for every audio professional, specially in Post Production.