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While I posted this in another thread, I'm starting a new one that will hopefully be more technical and reasoned. I hate posting useful information in a thread that gets buried by Trollery.

For a lot of guitar sounds in recordings (or live on stage) the non-linearities of a guitar speaker are essential to the final sound. And, because impulse response modeling is a linear process, it can't capture the dynamics of an actual guitar speaker. In fact, everything about most electric guitar timbre is dependent on non-linear, low-fidelity phenomena.

Here is an actual quote by Ian White of Celestion:

"With hi-fi and pro PA speakers, we can develop finite element models and see on a screen what they're going to be doing,” Ian says. "But that's almost impossible with guitar speakers because they're so non-linear. It's difficult enough to predict how a guitar speaker is going to sound when you're feeding it a clean guitar signal, but it's the distorted stuff that really gets the cone modes going. It doesn't need to be that loud to do that — just the complexity of the signal really gets the tone humming."

I'm up for a meaningful discussion....


Why are cab ir's lacking? The technology is young and new. The sos article serves as an illustration to the complexity challenges.

Let's see how things develop over the next ten years.