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If you run an IR into a combo, you'll get some interesting results. 2x the frequency shaping and some compression after the convolution....

The combo speaker is always non-linear - even if you drive it with a solid-state amp. Even very good Hi-Fi speakers have some non-linearities.

The consequences of non-linearities show up mostly as IMD when you drive anything but a sine wave into them.


The combo speaker works with its own PA. Driving an IR into a combo will be akin to using any pedal. A speaker IR will just sound weird, being reshaped by the combo. Using an IR instead of the speaker (as a part of a reactive load) will still not interact with the PA same way as the speaker. I have several from Two Notes, and know what it sounds like. It maybe ok for some, but they would be missing out on all range of sounds which you can get from the speaker and mic'ing. And yes, every speaker has its own non-linearity (even from the same batch of the same brand model - guitar speaker tolerances are not the best - on purpose)