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Originally Posted by Yuri Kogan View Post
No, passive should be enough. But for your application you will have more fun with active. Also, saving for a better di will give you a tool which you will use a lot in recording in general, it will save you money in the long run. Do not go silly with the price, but dont go for cheap solutions either.
I just checked and the LA 610 mkii has a Hi-Z input!! So do you think this chain would work for DI'ing my electric guitar to my tape deck:

Guitar > pedals > LA 610 mkii > Scarlett 8i6 interface > 4 track TEAC

I ask because someone said I just have an active DI at the end of my signal chain? But the LA 61 mkii is a DI unit?

edit: thanks for the tip on the active vs passive btw!