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Is ProTools a must for post prod. carreer?


I'm a young composer and audio engineer interested in pursuing a career in composition and audio post production for audiovisual media (TV/cinema/games etc). I by now have several years of experience working with music and audio for various projects and purposes and recently I have started working on some first small productions with indie movie makers and game developers, basically covering all audio roles, hoping that this will eventually lead to some freelance jobs in more professional settings.

I have followed some seminars and workshops and noticed that specially in the cinema post production (in games to a lesser degree) professionals seem to be expected to use Pro Tools. The workflow seems to not be exchanging stems between the various involved people, but rather projects where all edits and layers can be accessed by each other. It seems that in some cases people even limit themselves to the use of a bunch of industry standard plugins for the sake of compatibility.

So I am wondering, am I forced to buy Pro Tools and become well versed inside it if I am aspiring a post production career? I personally am proficient in Reaper, which I heavily customized and developed a very speedy workflow, and if I could I would keep using only that. But if it means that I can't take half of all opportunities if I don't master Pro Tools I guess I'll have to bite the bullet.

In that case, does anyone know of a good video tutorial series, walking through the functionalities of a recent version of Pro Tools? Possibly without any bias towards a certain type of needs/workflow (unless it is post production) so that I can learn it as quickly as possible (don't need an hour of explanation on how to record a drumset). Or is working through the manual still the quickest way to go about it?