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...In the vintage consoles, was it the 325 card that preceded the eqs?
This is not the case in my console. The 325 cards are only used for booster amps following the buss, 2-mix, & mono faders. Used for make up gain.

The eq is driven by an output transformer on the input module. This is why it doesn't matter if the 550b's are unbalanced or not. Also, why they "sound better in the console" than they do in a rack. (I wouldn't know yet!...getting close though)

Originally Posted by Stu Gutz View Post
...600 ohms is probably the correct load for the output.
This may be correct seeing how 600 ohms seems to have been the standard back then. Avedis says it was a standard for telephone and broadcast equipment that continued on into pro-audio.

In replacing my input channel faders, everyone seems shocked to hear that the originals were 600 ohm faders. I guess the 2520 has got the balls to drive a 600 ohm load and more. (Actually less.)