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DMG Multiplicity, mainly, which is the only dynamic process I use regularly on the low end at the moment (except the G21, which is a different beast). I've never really been happy with any other dynamic EQ/multiband compressor apart from Essense, which is obviously similar to Multiplicity.

I suspect that I could maybe get just as good/better results by tweaking Multiplicity, but it certainly wouldn't be as quick.

The Weiss also sounds surprisingly different to Equilibrium, even as a static EQ. This might be down to the proportional Q, but it's definitely a different flavour at first listen.
Thanks for that.

When you spoke about it sounding natural it piqued my interest. I like Multiplicity for it's transparency but it takes me a lot of tweaking to try and get natural/musical sounding results in the low end. The Sonnox is much quicker to dial in and tends to be more musical for the lows.

Have you tried the Sonnox dynamic EQ?