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No problem thumbsup,

I am enjoying this too. But again, I believe this is unnecesary. Check this out.

Let's take your second example first, the one about the vocalist recording using an external reverb unit just for inspiration. Like you just said, this could easily be done with a plugin FX. But, it's actually better with outboard FX. Why? Because it saves CPU resources and also because there's "zero" delay when using the Harware Direct Monitoring feature of your soundcard (I put quotes on the word zero because there is no such thing, but it's ususally low enough to be called that). So, basically, you gain more by tracking this way if you wanna record the signal dry and non-destructive. And if you want to record with the FX included than you just do that destructively, right?

Ok, now to the compressor example. I'm really not sure I understand you on this one beacause if you just wanted to track with the compressor then you simply do that destructively. You'll be able to hear the compressor+dry signal going in as one in Sonar, so there would be no need to Bus the compressor. If you could provide a more specific scenario that would help. Thanks!

I certainly see that point...and it is a good one. As long as one (like me) is using a interface that features 'zero' latency monitoring, this is definitely an option.

As for the 2-Bus is very common (especially at mix time) to put a nice compressor across the Master bus. I know several people who like to track with them strapped...and I've been in situations where it was all but necessary to 'glue' the mix together.

I have a very nice outboard that is PERFECT for 2-Bus duties...very high performance, clean, transparent and...just...nice! It is the Klark Teknik DN500 +.

I've had situations where bands have brought in tracks recorded from other places (often at home) that were very tough to get to 'stick' together. I have some very decent software comps that do a good job for this, but nothing as good as that one for the Master bus!

I know it is an odd situation, and I feel like I am really stretching for examples to make my point. I'll concede logistical defeat on this one! heh