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You can do this with Sonar and your Interface's software mixer. Albeit I use a cheap Alesis Midiverb3 for this. I do this by running my dry vocal track into channel 1 of my Digimax FS which gets recorded. Then I run the direct out of channel 1(FS) into my midiverb, then out from the verb to one of my 2408's analog TRS inputs and just monitor that channel via the cuemix mixer along with the dry input. Works flawlessly.thumbsup
Good call. I could do this witrh my it happes, I could do it with my Digimax FS (which is ADAT attached to the 1884. I've only had to use it a few times - when tracking > 8 tracks at once. It isn't the greatest, but it'll do in a pinch! I've never actually used the preamps on it...luckily I have plenty of outboard pres to cover. For 500 or 600, it is a pretty decent little unit *especially* with per-channel inserts AND direct outs...not too shabby!)