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Old 8th May 2020
Here for the gear

Zenman Tube pedal

Might anyone here know a bit about the internals in this pedal?

I've a internal transformer failure but cannot find prints or specs on this tranny.

The box is tube based, powered from a 12 VAC source.
Looking at the electrolytics' voltage ratings of 475 VDC, it's clear this pedal is running full on high voltage DC (no starved crap here).

I design and build my own tube pedals and use specific trannies with specific turns ratio to get my full wave bridge rectified plates but I want to keep this particular pedal STOCK.

No markings on the tranny and no response from the original manufacturer.

Peavey has bought Budda but supports no hardware prior buyout.

East Amplification provides no response to my queries.

Any help here as to the specific turns ratio (step-up) on this internal tranny?

Any help would be appreciated.

Best to ALL!!