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i like it quite a bit,

less the composition but the audio in terms of spectral balance and total amount of efx/room sound.

what i like less is the lack of depth, the stereo picture/localisation, that there are several sections/instruments without much definiton in general/get drowned in the orchestra occasionally and don't match in terms of room sound - the soloist i find often too loud/doesn't sit in the mix.

also, the soloists starting out in the audience doesn't do anything valuable and the change in position doesn't get reflected in the mix; i admit this is difficult to achieve in stereo though!

btw:what kinda pa was there btw? 2.0, 5.1? and is this a downmix from surround or the mix you did in stereo? was this just to document the concert or destined to be released as a commercially available dvd/for streaming? if the latter, i don't get why the live performance was recorded and not the rehearsal: it's just too noisy!

in a nutshell: for this composition, performed in this venue, i would have used vastly more mics - no comment on the lights/video, none of my business...