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I was not actually talking about tracking (as others have cleared up). BUT, you do have a great point...and your logic seems correct from that perspective, when you 1st think about it. But, when I consider it a bit more deeply, it occurs to me that it doesn't really matter if there is a delay in the monitoring during tracking, if SONAR designs there software correctly.

Consider this...SONAR 'sees' a few tracks with hardware, OTB inserts - automatically calculates the round-trip latency and adjusts playback for all tracks for real-time monitoring - SONAR also sees an armed track or tracks with monitoring turned on and accounts (separately) for the latency for the given sample settings (which should be roughly half of what the pre-recorded tracks with hardware, OTB inserts is at). The tracking musician hears the synchronized playback and plays right along (hopefully your interface and drivers support very low latency). SONARactually writes the streamin audio data to the track or tracks which are being recorded at a pre-calculated nudge position as the musician(s) tracks.

It seems complicated, but somehow it is making sense to me right now. Inmy mind, I can see the playback of existing tracks (with varying latency adjustments) as a completely separate thing from the real time monitoring of a tracking musician. As long as the musician hears syncrinized playback and low-latency monitoring, they'll be able to lay there part(s) down accurately. SONAR can handle the math on the back end WRT where (on the timeline) to actually start and stop the writing of the audio data to the track(s).

Am I missing something glaring here? I usually do and it is usually embarrasing. So, I'll give myself a golden parachute now and just say:

A - I have been known to be completely boneheaded about these types of things...especially 'theoretical logic type things!

B - I've already had some alcohol this evening, so...

Anyhow, I am enjoying this thread thoroughly and I hope....REALLY hope that Cakewalk listens to the 'professional', audio studio types and implements these important features. There is an amazing amount of potential in this app!

It does make sense in a way, but there's a flaw. Why would you wanna track while monitoring EFX? I don't see the need for this.

Usually you just print the EFX together with the signal that's being recorded. And even if you already had something pre-recorded (like a D.I. Bass Guitar) it is not necesary to delay the Bass Guitar's track because all you want to do is monitor in real time which is what the ASIO latency compensation feature in Sonar 6 is for. Also, you degrade the sound quality by adding another layer of DA/AD to the tracks.

What we do need is for Sonar to automatically calculate loopback delay from EFX inserts in a per input manner like I said before. It would also be cool to insert whatever EFX you wanted like you do with plugins, into the FX Bin.

I hope this makes sense. Take care!