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Here for the gear

Thanks for your comments all, I do appreciate the perspective. Also, thanks ithinknot for posting the backstory to this piece from John Mackey's website.

Regarding depth, this is something I go back and forth with myself endlessly, and frequently let the compostion tell me what to do. Since it is a recording, and one step removed from the live performance, how shackled are we to represent the actual space? Sometimes, the space is not our friend, or the music tells a more intimate story than the space it is presented in. In one program, you can have pieces from many centuries presented. Ideally, they would be presented in a great hall appropriate to the era.

The flipside of this is that if the compositions are played back to back in an album sort of organization, than changing the sense of space becomes dishonest and jarring, flat out wrong. So what to do? Go ahead and represent the space for performance honesty.

So the singer moving about the space presents a connundrum. Also, It's on video, which visually shows a changing perspective, esp. on her medium shots.

I suppose I could have made it wetter. I will consider that next time if we ever get out of the lockdown.

This mix was made to represent the piece in a one off video. Therefore I felt I had a little more leeway to pursue the spacial goals I had in mind for this one. I wanted superior imaging. I wanted intimacy off the instruments. I wanted the singer not to be too close, yet not too far, since she is telling the story of the afflicted and moving around the whole space. It is a rather theatrical piece. I did experiment with longer spaces but felt I had to back off because of the conundrum the headworn mic provided both visually and audio. I'm just very happy it wasn't too close and gave off all kinds of awfull plosives and other close junk. Also, she was walking amidst the loudspeakers in the hall, potential for all kinds of disasters. She setup the mic on herself, fortunately she's a pro. I couldn't do it because I had to don a tuxedo, warmup, and play myself (I'm in the trombone section). So I had a lot going on! Only so much one can do at one time.