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I enjoyed the composition - the rather moving backstory of which is here: - and the soloist is excellent.

Fundamental sound is good - nice job. As Tom says, there could be - but doesn't have to be - more room sound/sense of the performance space.

The musical language of this particular piece has elements of contemporary musical theater, and the close sound 'works' here. In more traditional rep, a little more space might be welcome, whether real room sound, or supplied as reverb - of course only you could judge that, based on the space, audience noise etc. This is a question of aesthetics and conventions, though, not a criticism of your capture.

I do think we need a bit more verb/distance on the head mic, especially at the beginning. It's particularly an issue because of your fine video work - the eye and ear register a discrepancy between the size of the space we can see and hear for the band, and the smaller space/distance suggested by the vocal sound.

Thanks for sharing!