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Can you tell us how the recording was done? Not my cup of tea music wise but...more interested in how you did the recording, equipment used and mics used. Thanks in advance.
If you watch the video, you can see all the mics.
If you don’t like modern contemporary classical, I can post something more tonal from this concert. I happen to really like all the colors in this piece.

This is basically a Dante job to Pro Tools.
Recorded to Pro Tools 2020, I/F RED 8 Pre. Recorded to 96k 24bit clocked to Rednet MP8R. All mains mics went to the MP8R. Main preamp is Rednet MP8R under the stage with cat 5E run to switch at mix position. Switch is a Cisco SG300-10. I setup the remote preamp for control within the Pro Tools session preamp section. Rednet control app translates ProTools control data to protocol the MP8R can read.
Presonus Faderport 8 as fader panel. Live mix sent to FOH to be distributed to live stream. Reverb is a Lex 480L model by bx.
Used a lot of Tentacle syncs timecode generators to jam sync all the cameras and ProTools rig. Used a MOTU midi i/f to convert LTC to MTC for ProTools.

Shot mostly on qty 4 LUMIX GH5S in 4K 29.97 and mostly panned in post, 1 GH5, and 1 Sony PXW-X70 in HD for conductor shot.
Mains array ORTF 414TL II 11’ up and about 8’ behind conductor (due to layout issues)
Flankers are JZ Black Hole 1’s in cardiod also about 11’ up
Neumann KM 140’s in ORTF in center to pickup detail. (Like a broad area spot)
KM 150 as a bassoon solo spot for The Mozart Bassoon concerto elsewhere in the program.
Violet Amethyst as a spot for mallets and bowed percussion (not needed)
Head worn Earthworks A/T mic sent from PA prefader, conversion by Red 8.

This rig was dead silent. Sadly, the knucklehead percussionists opened the door the the equipment room and all the amp room noise got picked up by the mics in the super quiet sections.

Pictures are in my LR when I setup the templates.
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