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I played with it for a little bit yesterday......

I set it up the same as I had another plug EQ in a project (Samp's EQ116) so I could A/B them against each other. One thing I've noticed with plug EQs is that top end seems to shut down a bit by just putting them in the chain. EQ116 seems to do this the least of all I've tried (SPL Passeq, Millennia NSEQ, Crave, TKD, PSP MasterQ. BWrkx V3 is pretty transparent also).

What I noticed right away is that the EQ1 remains open at the top and I noticed just a little more transparency and more "authority". I also detect a smidge of that sheen that the DS1 has. I did not immediately notice any sort of mojo or analog color - just a very clean, transparent EQ (which I'm sure is what it was designed to do).

For grins I put one of the bands into dynamic mode and fiddled with the settings. After a bit, I was able to get that band much more evened out and more in control than with it in normal mode.

Another test I tried is doing a Pultec setting (there's plenty of bands to burn). Not expecting it to sound like a real Pultec, I was able to give the bottom end more punch and tightness. So, while not really a substitute for a Pultec, it could provide similar results when needed.

The GUI takes a little bit of getting used to but that goes for just about any plug. Some of the buttons aren't immediately intuitive as to their function and finding how to switch between screens is a little odd at first. Another thing I thought was a bit odd is that the EQ freq selection is a bit coarser than what I would like. Seems like a digital EQ would have a practically unlimited number of freqs to choose from. (Edit: It IS a bit of a CPU hog as well - about 25% on my machine).

Overall, I think its a keeper and will likely replace many other plug EQs I've been using (although I really only want to use EQ plugs for surgical stuff pre-analog processing).

Now, where's that discount for DS1 owners I've been hearing about...

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