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In fact adding diffusers to a live space with flat reflective walls/ceiling will actually LOWER the RT60, not increase it !
Yes, this was the point I was trying to get across. Thanks for clarifying.

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That is why using typical Sabine equations or other numerical approaches fails to predict RT60 in most spaces, particularly with uneven absorption and the main reason we use CATT as a modelling tool at our office.
Yes, I find it unfortunate that RT is still a metric for evaluating the performance of critical listening rooms in AES/EBU papers (maybe they removed it now, haven’t checked in a few years), when it in reality says pretty much nothing about how a room “sounds” even if the values could be trusted (which they obviously can´t if “small” room). It´s been many years since I last payed any attention to RT values but instead focus on the ETC and waterfall plots (below the modal range).

Even if large recording room, I would still pay more attention to the ETC than RT values since even a large recording room is generally still too small for RT calculations to be applicable.

I actually tried CATT back in the days, but I couldn’t really see the benefits when designing studio sized rooms. Larger concert halls are another story, but I´m staying clear from that kind of work.