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Hi Jens!
Thank you for your reply. My room is well treated like mentioned with Gik panels. I have bass traps in all corners, 2 super bass traps and 4 inch panels as well. I would like to liven up the room but I’m confused on which diffusers to use in my room. I’ll read your article to see if it helps.
If your room sounds “boxy”, it´s presumably not well treated and need more treatment in this range (about 100-300 Hz or so if you ask me where the boxiness range is) and probably down lower as well based on your description regarding treatment. Minimum recommended depth for broadband panels is usually 8” among most acoustic designers, but porous alone (especially if recording space) is not a very well thought out treatment option. You should use primarily some sort of pressure-based absorber on most of the surface area in order to combat issues below the modal range whilst not overdamp the upper range. Also; you need to treat a lot of area in order to achieve good results, especially in the lower modal range.

More here:

Advice Wanted: Best Option(s) for Additional Bass-Trapping

About adding diffusion to “liven up a space”:

This is an extremely common unfortunate misconception. Unless replacing (or covering) existing broadband absorption treatment; simply adding diffusers to an untreated wall/ceiling will never ever make a space more “lively” since it will reduce the gain of possible reflections by partly absorption (yes; all diffusers absorb more or less, regardless of design and material used) and partly scattering the energy in one or more planes. A passive devise can never “add” energy to a space. It´s the total design (that might use diffusers if appropriate depending on room size etc.) that makes a room sound more or less “lively”. Again, check my links to learn more about this (ITD/ISD-gap).