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Wow that's quite, uh, some time between songs.
It's just how I've lived. I was a gifted young violinist who stopped playing after my mom died the day after my 11th birthday. Now an unwanted orphan, living in seven places over the next three years, I never played again. While living in my ninth place as a junior in HS, I was asked by a friend who knew I had once played violin to take up bass and replace the bass player in his band who had been drafted and was off to Vietnam. For the next six years I played in rock and funk cover bands - no need to write songs, although I did write the one. Tired of the "drugs" part of "Drugs, sex and rock and roll", I quit playing in bands. I kept my Gibson EB-0, though, but I'd only pick it up now and then to play an old song to myself.

Fast forward to the late 1990s, wanting to get back into music, I bought a Peavey e-guitar, a Casio keyboard and a 4-track cassette and recorded a few musical ideas, kind of noodling. Then I quit again. But a couple years later I came across Gearslutz and started lurking and learning about gear, bought a bunch, eventually joining GS in 2005. In 2011 was inspired by the death of a little girl to write a song about her. A year later I was inspired to write a song about freedom, something I had lost a couple of times in the years after my mom had died. Then my fourth song, dedicated to another little girl who had died. It appears I only write actual songs when inspired.

So "some time between songs" is probably even more pathetic than it seems. But it appears I have a knack for songwriting. The young woman who performed and recorded the last song I wrote, the lullaby, has become my "muse", and I hope to become a wee bit more prolific songwriter in the coming years. I'm still friends with my old bandmates and they encourage me to write as well, which also inspires me.

Back to you, I see that you've posted a lot of stuff on Soundcloud and sometime over the next week or so I hope to listen to all you've done as I believe you to be very talented.

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