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"it's just the joys of modern computing power and DAW workflows really that any amateur like me can sketch out ideas pretty rapidly once you know the keyboard shortcuts"

That's probably why you run circles around me. I'm mostly analog, although I've at least recently started reading the manual for the Motif I bought a decade ago. I'm probably the least prolific songwriter here. I wrote my first song in 1971, my second in 2011. First one took a few minutes. The second took a year to get the songwriting right. In the nine years since I've written two more. The last one, a lullaby, of all things, I started last summer and only finished it this spring.

I do admire your noodles and your ability to knock those out the way you do. A lot of potential songs, good ones, I might add. Do you have any finished songs? If so, I'd bet they're damned good. If you've posted any, I somehow missed them.