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I didn't really get the concept or the usefulness of this the first time round. How would you use it practically?
Good question.

On a basic level you could use the 4 subdivided triggers to generate polyrhythmic clocks through the patch bay, similar to the EHX Clockworks and a number of Eurorack modules. You could also generate 2 simultaneous 4 note sequences using one clock and one oscillator each. Pretty simple stuff and not really the Subharmonicon's strength.

The real meat would be generating chords that would change individual notes polyrhythmically. These chords could have up to 6 'notes' but that number could vary based on how many of the polyrhythmic triggers are coinciding. The chord sequence might take many iterations to repeat itself. Each of the oscillators/sub oscillators/polyrhythmic triggers can be output to the patch bay and be used to modulate and clock all sorts of other things (filters, envelopes, pitch, etc)

Most of this could be achieved with a combination of existing Eurorack modules (eg. MakeNoise Maths) but nowhere as cheaply or as compact and self-contained as Moog is presenting here. In that sense it's very similar to the DFAM.

To get a good idea of what this can do and the theory behind it give Loopop's video a view: