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That you can knock out so much high quality "noodling" in an afternoon is amazing to me.
Cheers, you're very kind, I'm really not sure about "high quality" but it's just the joys of modern computing power and DAW workflows really that any amateur like me can sketch out ideas pretty rapidly once you know the keyboard shortcuts. It's crazy how quickly you can get an idea down and even try out a few different treatments to see what fits, or just explore a particular process. There are a lot of super talented people who can work much much faster and to a much higher quality standard than me, I mean time is money and all that in the music biz.

For me it's faster than just writing chord sheets and notation to just quickly play something in while the idea is fresh, then it also gives me an idea of possible treatment and arrangement too should I come back to it.

Anyhow, if you feel like it, now your turn, let's start posting sketches!