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Old 4th May 2020
Noodles and doodles

So in the absence of the rough demos thread and seeing as I felt there wasn't a place for just posting your quick sketches anyway I decided to start this thread up for sketches.

I'll post mine and maybe other people will post theirs, maybe other people will start their own threads instead, either way doesn't matter. There's no pressure to give or receive feedback or join in at all.

Sketches by their nature are practice, it generally more about the process and improving yourself than the pieces you make.

For me I've been doing a "noodle challenge" where I just record something daily since the whole shelter in place order for Covid19 came about here in California. Mostly it's crap, sometimes there's stuff with potential, mainly it's the music equivalent of stream of consciousness.

Here's the last three I knocked out this afternoon before making dinner.