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So hope this is true! Assuming it is, is the Polyrythm section new, or a reworking of some of the switches on the original?
Looks like a subtle rework. You can see soft switches to select which sequence each of the 4 polyrhythms controls (renamed from Sub 1-4, to make it less confusing with the subharmonic pitches). The old design had switches to the right of the two sequences that let you select rhythms 1+2, 3+4, or all -- so that's more flexible and is combined with the functionality of the on/off toggle switches that were below the original polyrhythms. What seems to be missing are the logic operators (XOR/OR) and the local on/off that were to the right of the original polyrhythms. Hopefully these are incorporated somehow.

What's also interesting are the sequencer assign buttons, where you can assign which subharmonics are going to each sequencer and the curious buttons in between that I read as "12-ET" "B-ET" "12-J1" "B-J1". "ET" might be external trigger (so either sequence 1 or 2, or both sequencers responding to external trig). "J1"? No clue, but perhaps it's a way to jump a prescribed number of sequencer steps.

edit: I hope we don't lose the logic operators for the polyrhythms -- one of the cool things about the original design was you could select an exclusive OR where if two or more of the polyrhythms coincided with a beat then it would skip that beat entirely.

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