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One issue I think with the MoogFest version was that the deeper into the subharmonics you go the more the pitch is affected -- so slight tuning differences with the fundamental note frequency would be magnified in the subs. Compound that with a second oscillator and the pitch adjustments introduced by the sequencer and you can see why a quantizer was absolutely needed. The original design could have benefitted from oscillator sync between OSC 1 and 2 as well, like the DFAM does.

Even Loopop in his Subharmonicon video mentions that a pitch quantizer would help immensely -- he also mentions that it took a while to get a feel for how the harmonics interact with each other and the sequencer. All of the videos I've seen demonstrating the Subharmonicon tend to stick to the first 5 or 6 subharmonics which have a more pleasing sound. It's like the other 9-10 subharmonics are ignored.