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Weirdly, I wrote this a year ago, almost to the day: What Happened to the Moog Subharmonicon?

So I wonder what changed?

Moog's official explanation was that the Subharmonicon had tuning and stability issues, unintuitive UI and was more of an idea spitball rather than a fully fleshed out product. I always thought that was a bit of a piss take -- when has wonky tuning, confusing controls and questionable utility EVER been a barrier for modular synthesists, especially West Coast heads?

The UI redesign looks more intuitive, especially for the sequencer section and for displaying which subharmonics are currently active/triggering. They've added waveform selection and proper controls for Attack (VCF and VCA).

Most importantly: if you look closely, under the glare of the flash is an all important "Quantize" button.

On a side note, are the Mother-32 and DFAM still current products for Moog?