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Tweed Peavey Classic 100 Series 4x10 - Spray Painted Black

I'm getting good at finding tube amps that will never be worth anything. I was browsing the postings and came across this Peavey Classic 100 series 4x10 amp. Peaveys are the first tube amps I acquired. All for my son of course. I couldn't justify the cost of fender amps when my son was ten. So I picked up a Peavey Encore 65 and kinda by ebay mistake I bought a Peavey Classic 100 series 2x12. I guess the mistake was that I didn't know it wasn't an all tube classic. Well after collecting three fenders and assortment of other amps, my son said he'd be ok with me getting rid of the Encore 65. So I sold it. The 2x12 classic remains. It's always been one of his favorites.

When I saw this 4x10 classic something intrigued me. I've seen many of the 2x12's around and no one is ever asking money for them. But I never saw the 4x10 and I never saw one with alnico speakers. It seemed to have the right amount of dust too. I made an offer and the guy accepted. Why wouldn't he. No one wants these old hybrid Peaveys, no less a monster 4x10. I drove 2 hours to get it. As I was driving home I notice the tolex was tweed along the edges. The entire amp had been spray painted black. Why wouldn't you paint a Peavey amp black. Peavey amps are supposed to be black. When I got it home I could see the grill cloth was spray painted black too and there was black over-spray on the bottom edge of the faceplate.

Not only am I good at finding tube amps with little value, I'm really good at putting a lot of time and effort into them. I pulled the amp apart then looked for some paint remover, but I was out. I grabbed all the cans of solvents I have and began experimenting. First try was this stuff called Goof Off. Its acetone and xylene. I was amazed. It worked really good at removing the black spray paint, but a little too good. It also removed the tweed pattern from the tolex. I tried paint thinner. No good. Then toluene. The winner! The toluene took the black spray paint off without removing the tweet pattern. It still took some effort with a fine brass brush. I used a toluene soaked towel and wiped the grill cloth. I couldn't believe the paint actually came off the grill cloth! I even got the overspray off the faceplate and serial number plate. So the old Peavey looks pretty cool now. Now I'm curious to hear how the speakers sound.
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