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does sound absorbtion have to be directly on the wall?


Typically people glue or otherwise fasten sheets of acoustic foam onto walls to reduce echo.

I was wondering: if you had the foam on mobile panels that were a few inches from the wall, would that still work? I was thinking of using room dividers and putting foam on them:

It seems like you would also get some non-scientific diffusion, because the panels from the room dividers would reflect the non-absorbed sound at angles rather than directly back. Maybe perhaps, they also could serve as a bit of a bass trap by trapping the bass in the airspace between the room dividers and the wall.

But I don't know if you lose a lot of absorbtion efficiency if they are "floating" away from the wall like this. And studio acoustics is a complex topic in general. So I'm wondering what the general concerns might be for this wacky idea.