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Thanks for the detailed feedback

The aliasing artifacts should be the same as the original SP.

The way the detune is done can generate very audible aliasing artifacts with irrational factors, when the spectral content of the sample triggers them. Some tune positions are easier on aliases, eg -12 semitons (x2) which only implies doubling samples, as well as -5 semitons (45 RPM) which is close to a rational factor (4/3).
-1 semitons is pretty far from any rational factor, so it generates a complicated pattern of artifacts.

In fact this drop sample tune algorithm used in the SP is similar to a crude "closest neighbor" image resizing algorithm for which you often get the worst artifacts with factors very close to 1.

What I could probably do is add a specific step mode on the slider that only uses rational factors and minimizes harsh effects. I will look into that, this is interesting
Can I contact you in PM to discuss this?

Regarding pitch down, this would require pitch shifting as speed can of course not be changed in a realtime effect plugin. That is something I am considering for a future update, but there are also good solutions available to be chained with the SP950, like the free ReaPitch plugin by Cockos.

Regarding filtered outputs, that is indeed something I could consider in the future.
Thanks for walking through the reply.

One thing I’m still wondering about is the possibility of bypassing the SP just to use the 950 filter, is that possible?