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Got it, some of them sound really spot on, but some are so harsh and way off. Like going -1 creates crazy distortion for me, not the gentle aliasing it should. x2 and -5 are the only ones that sound like my SP. Hope that gets fixed. Also, any chance these will get an option to actually pitch down in a future release? That'd be great.

The S950 filter is incredible and worth the purchase alone but could there be a way to bypass the SP section if you just want to use that? Even at 33 and the filter at 99, it's still a bit dullened by the plug in being on, which isn't a bad sound, but if you just want that filter, it's making it harder to use on some things.

And, not that it's needed with that wonderful filter, but have you thought about having an output filter emulation that copies the filters on outputs 1, 2, 3, 4 etc on the SP? Just an idea.

Thanks for this, loving it & have already used it in a job.

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