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I personally take a "the end is all that matters" approach and will use any and every tool at my disposal to reach the desired end goal.
I actually disagree with this idea entirely.

I think process matters A LOT. This is why Moodymann is excellent and there are a million idiots who think they can just grab a loop off a disco record and do the same thing as him and they’re all making bull**** tracks.

Thinking you can draw a line between Dilla and Moodymann is incorrect.

Kerri and Blaze definitely used samples at various times, can’t say for sure with Larry Heard.

But anybody who understands house music would never ever make a big deal out of a difference between sampling and playing everything themselves. Sampling is integral to house and hiphop and no clowny attitude is going to change that. All those artists play tons of sample based tracks when they DJ.

Using premade sample loops is pretty much unnecessary and especially dumb when to make good house music you should have a record collection to Jack things from if you need it. If you don’t have that, just rethink making house music altogether.

The process of being a fan of dance music and digging for records and then sampling them and flipping them is the whole thing.

I personally wouldn’t take even one shots or any kind of creatively altered samples that somebody else did. I do use a big sample pack from the web that contains sounds from all the famous drum machines but that’s a different story really.

Just grab from a record. That’s what this **** is based on.

A lot of the **** ppl have mentioned here of “house” “artists” using sample pack loops... these people are trash. Just don’t listen to that bull****.