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It doesnt make sense that there isnt a feature. It will map chords for you but not give you the key? And it cant map the tempo which should be easy.

I use melodyne to get the key, its easy but it seems like more work than it should be.

I dont know how to get tempo. I tap it manually to get it close for FX but if I want to start cutting and moving a 2 track around, I cant do it with ease of grids.
I know Studio One has had at least two ways to get Tempo into place over music you brought in or recorded. But, at some point I think it was a when a perfect storm happened - there was a technical bug which compounded the problem in this and another area and I didn't end up learning the latest method. The earlier one was murder!

I'll edit this when I remember what it was. But yeah for the meantime that's what I do, is click in the Tempo and at least get the plugins in sync, but like you say it's no substitute for the markers in place all the way through.

But I'll say this, if this was Reaper, you hit M every bar which makes a marker. Adjust any markers that are a bit off, and convert the markers to bars. Temp all good.

This is one reason I'm trying to find an intermediate format for Reaper and Studio One to convert with, whether AAF or the other one. Studio One exports AAF easily but so far Reaper looks to be OMF.