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Old 29th April 2020
Hej Jens! Cool. Det är faktisk i Stockholm jag har byggt mit extra studie. Sickla området Tack för dina svar och information!!

Perfect! Now it makes sense. The wavelength for 1KHz is approx the 34 cm you mention. I will try covering the desk later but need to deliver a project first (deadline today).

So what do people do to avoid these dips? I mean I can't remove the desk and I won't buy a new one since this is made for the studio. Any ideas or thoughts?


Also I've checked the room response at another place in the studio by the acoustic piano I have standing by the wall:

There was also a dip in the high freq. as well - more around 1,5KHz. Do you think this is related to waves coming directly from the speakers (behind me) and then creating destructive interference with the reflections from the wall/piano itself (in front of me)? The distance from the wall to the chair is around 60-70 cm which equals 3 X wavelength. Correct? I do have an acoustic panel on the wall there. Would it help to add another panel that is suited to dampen 1-2KHz?