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Old 29th April 2020
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You don't need special hardware for Netflix as far as I know. But I think you need to use their UWP app on Windows 10. I'm on W10Pro using the app and I get 5.1 surround fine with my Lynx TWO-B. The Netflix app just uses Windows' selected audio output device which I set up as 5.1 with bass management in Windows settings. So no special hardware for anything.

But yeah, that's with my specific pro-audio interface. Not sure how other drivers appear to Windows.

One thing though is that the Lynx is a bit finicky with some software, so I really need to pay attention to what apps are open when I try to open something that requires audio. Pro Tools for example simply takes over my Lynx just fine even if I have Edge open. Nuendo doesn't however and I need to close down Edge and Netflix etc before starting it. Same with Davinci Resolve.