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Old 28th April 2020
Question about dip at 1KHz

Hi everyone!

I just built a new studio setup and installed all the acoustic panels I had as leftovers from my other studio and I measured the room response yesterday with IK Multimedias ARC2 (just a habit to use this software instead of RoomEQ Wizard). See attached chart link: (imgbb image upload)

I can see that I need to control the bass some more (I know this since no bass traps have been installed yet) but what I wonder is above the Schroeder freq where there's a dip at 1KHz and then at 3KHz?

I have studied some acoustics myself and learned how to tame peaks but for some reason newer learned how to raise dips?

Any ideas why this might happen? I've described my room below.

Any ideas would be wonderful!! :D



The room dimensions are: 3,7 (D) X 3,5 (W) 2,5 (H) meters.

I use 100 X 65 X 5 cm custom made panels with wooden frames filled with hard/heavy Rockwool with similar density as mid-absorbers and they are spaced different distances from the walls (some up till 10 cm from the walls).

Also I have the same panels in the ceiling suspended some 7 cm.

My back wall is filled with 6 of these panels:

My desk is the Zaor Onda Angled - rather small as to not have too many direct reflections from the monitors.

The monitors/desk are not in the middle of the room but a bit asymmetrical to the side (to fit a vocal booth corner) and some 20-30 cm from the walls and with mid-absorbers between the back of the monitors and the walls.