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Thanks for answering an abecedarian question so thoughtfully; much appreciated in the often acerbic air of the Internet. I’ll stick with your recommendations.

While I have your attention, would it be overkill to use mastering level equipment for live-streaming? I’m looking at my MBP and asking myself if it would be with using between my mixer and the zoom.
You welcome.

You mean MBP as Rupert Neve mastering not MacBook Pro from Apple, right.
I have no direct experience with particular mastering unit.
Well, all that really is up to your preferences, of course if you feel, it can bring something to the table and it's worth possible hassle, go for it.

Honestly, I'd likely make decision based on exact type of gig, budget or deep friendship with producers, musicians etc.
If that will be some great music, full of professionals around me, where all other and important stuff is already secured and fine (room, mics, mixer) and I'd intend to gain every millimetre of possible improvement, then I can possibly bring and borrow some additional outboard (even if that involve some unscrewing from rack in studio ).
However much more than some icing on the cake is often necessary to solve (and possibly add) some elementary stuff like enough mics in good condition, stable wireless transmitters, when it's used etc. Or some basic recording place issues.. like when someone asks for free recording or stream from gig in nearby bar with 4x2m podium and terrible accoustics. Or in case of some conference, spoken word thing.

Generally in case of streaming, live internet broadcast.. I can be definitely usable to have some output limiter and/or multi-band compressor at output. Also depending on type of streamed content and its typical audience, it's IMO important to find some reasonable compromise between highly dynamic output (poor ineligibility especially at mobile devices, notebooks, TVs) and some crushed dynamic range like for normal recorded music (doesn't play so well for many reasons - you can't have as clear and refined sources like in studio, so you essentially compress it and feature otherwise low-level garbage, hot output doesn't play well with downstream lossy codecs and so on).
So if you find, MBP can be useful for such overall dynamics management tasks, and you're willing to bring it, then why not.
But of course, some Yamaha digital mixers (like TF models for example) has already output multiband compressor, which can be also used for such purposes. So I'd recommend to explore also those built-in option.

I usually take also another thing, so for instance, when something is streamed using normal notebook with OBS software (very common nowadays with video), it allows to insert normal VST plugins into audio path. Although it's bit cumbersome to control in real-time, it's possible to load some output true peak
limiter (like LoudMax), preset it for say 2-3dB of gain (or none at all depending on situation ), with ceiling at -1.5 dBFS TP. Then feeding it with some input signal with some headroom. This usually works well and give it some additional protection, to avoid clipping of output stream.
But as I don't know further details about your setup, streaming app on iPad etc. OBS processing is applicable just to normal computers.